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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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ARC Approved™ Video Interviews

Michael John Angel

Michael John Angel

Michael John Angel

Michael John Angel from Angel Academy of Art, Florence, describes the history and course of training involved in becoming a traditional realist painter.
Igor Babailov

Igor Babailov teams up with Steven Spielberg to launch the Starlight Starbright Foundations Chapter in Tokyo, Japan. Commissioned to paint the portrait of Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa.
Igor Babailov

Interview with the renowned Portrait Artist Igor Babailov, famous for his official portraits of business, political leaders, celebrities and his beautiful portraits of children.
Dario Campanile

Interview with Dario Campanile.
Dario Campanile

Dario Campanile, fine artist born in Rome, Italy, hosts Lahaina Galleries' Art of Aloha party in January, 2014. He tells a captivating story about his mandatory stint in the Roman Army before he moved to the United States.
Donald Clapper

Interview with Donald Clapper preview for his painting for the International Guild of Realism.
Jacob Collins

Jacob Collins, one of America's most extraordinary artists of our time, sits down with Fine Art Connoisseur's Editor Peter Trippi, for a conversation about art and life.
Ed Copley

Living Master Artist Ed Copley Interviewed on The Terry Gilberg Show KFYI Fox News Radio. Ed Copley has undertaken a quest to paint his version of Watson and the Shark, in the style of John Singleton Copley, of whom he is a direct descendant. 100% of the proceeds will go to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.
Angela Mia De La Vega

Interview with Angela Mia De La Vega.
Mary Jane Q Cross

Well known NH Artist, Mary Jane Q Cross, talks about her work, a disabling injury that almost ended her career and a documentary about her life.
Mary Jane Q Cross

Mary Jane Q Cross, Her Story, an interview with the artist.
Mary Jane Q Cross

Mary Jane Q Cross documentary.
Virgil Elliot

Interview with Virgil Elliot.
Martin Eichinger

Romantic, Narrative sculptor Martin Eichinger shares his philosophies and techniques on sculpting award-winning figurative art.
Peter Fiore

Landscape Artist, Peter Fiore is interviewed by Ron Brown at the Banks Gallery. They discuss everything from Peter's landscape painting to life as an artist. Video by Paul Fiore.
Peter Fiore

Peter Fiore discuses the inspiration for his series of paintings, "The White Pine Suite" with a quick look at him creating "Enlightened" one painting from the series. Filmed and Edited by Sam Mordenga.
Max Ginsburg

Max Ginsburg gives his retrospective address at the Butler Institute of American Art.
Daniel Graves

Daniel Graves, The Florence Academy Of Art.
James Gurney

The making of Dinotopia by James Gurney.
Steven Hanks

Artist Steven Hanks promotes his book "moving On" on Alberta's CTV.
Steven Hanks

Steve Hanks about his art.
Ted Seth Jacobs

Interview with Ted Seth Jacobs, a renowned artist and instructor dedicated to passing on his knowledge to future generations. He has taught some of America's finest painters including Anthony Ryder, Michael Grimaldi, Jacob Collins, Patricia Watwood, and Sadie Valeri. The interview takes place in France at the artist's home.
Debra Keirce

Debra Keirce, fine artist, realistic paintings that invite you to look closer. A video about her and her work.
Scott Kennedy

Scott Kennedy, discusses some of his artwork and inspirations.
Urban Larson

Interview with Urban Larson.
Jeremy Lipking

Interview with painter Jeremy Lipking for the "Artists on Art".
Richard Macdonald

Meet the artist Richard Macdonald.
Frank Mason

Classic scenes of Frank Mason expounding on Velasquez and seventeenth century Spanish painting.
Frank Mason

Maestro Films is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the feature length documentary, "A Light in the Dark:The Art & Life of Frank Mason". Classical and contemporary art collide as this in-depth examination reveals New York painting master, Frank Mason, and takes us on a beautiful journey through the world of traditional art.
Vala Ola

Vala Ola: discussion of her compositional choices for her sculpture titled Falling in Love.
Thomas Reis

Alumni Spotlight - Artist Thomas Reis '88 Discusses His Methods and Inspiration
Kirk Richards

Kirk Richards explains how he gets from a plain air study to a finished painting.
Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos 2013 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees Miami Dade College Visual Arts interview.
Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos' Restless Career - news interview.
Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos - del Mar College Lecture (Syncretism)
Nelson Shanks

Nelson Shanks: An Artist's Journey - Interview.
Nelson Shanks

Nelson Shanks "The Portrait As Fine Art". Nelson Shanks, world-renowned painter, art historian, art teacher, connoisseur and collector, distilled the principles upon which Studio Incamminati stands from his lifelong experience and devotion to fine arts. Studio Incamminati is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Nelson Shanks

Nelson Shanks Russia Exhibition 2011
Nelson Shanks

Painter Nelson Shanks has been called America's preeminent realist painter. A recipient of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Distinguished Arts Award, the state's highest recognition for achievement in the arts, Shanks has painted many of the iconic figures of our age, including Pope John Paul II, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Luciano Pavarotti, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.
Jeremiah Stermer

This is an interview from 2006 which was made during Jeremiah Stermer's art show running at that time. He had 50 new original oils in that show. There was also an article in the Baltimore news paper pertaining the show and how his NDE out-of-body experience delightfully affected his work and creativity.
Dan Thompson

TheGreatNude is in Miami at the R.A.M. Miami show, an ambitious collection of accomplished representational artists from all around the country. TGN Director Jeffrey Wiener interviews the artist Dan Thompson and Miami City Ballet ballerina Deanna Seay on the experience of producing a portrait on location at the Miami City Ballet.
Morgan Weistling

"Indian Stories" is the second Prix De West Purchase Award for California based artist Morgan Weistling. News interview.